How to select the right jazz shoe for you

A mini history of Jazz Dance

Did you know that Jazz dance was partly influenced by Indian classical dance Bharatnatyam? Jack Cole, recognized as the “father or jazz technique” used the East Indian Body Isolation technique to his unique style of dancing.

Jazz dance has been around since the 1800s and popular even today.

Introducing Jazz Dance Shoes

Jazz dancers wear Jazz shoes which come in many styles.

Jazz shoes are usually made of leather. Canvas and synthetic materials are also common.

Oxford style Jazz shoes with laces offer a secure fit. But Slip-on jazz shoes are more in demand nowadays. They are easier to put on so they appeal to many dancers, especially kids.

Depending on the skill level of the dancer they can choose between full sole or split sole. Full sole provides more stability so it is more suitable for beginners. Split-sole shoes offer more flexibility so the adult / advanced dancers find it more useful in performing complex moves.

Let’s look at some of the top Jazz shoes in the market.

Jazz Shoes

Bloch Capezio, Eurotard and So Danca Jazz shoes are great for all levels of dancers. They are made of soft leather material and have rubber toe pad and heel to make the jumps & turn a breeze. The Neoprene arch insert provides support and stretches during the turns, returning back to normal position as the dancer completes the turn.

Two most popular colors in jazz shoes are Black & Tan/Carmel. Generally, dancers wear black for practices and tan or carmel shoes for recitals. 

Jazz Sneakers 

Jazz Sneakers are also another choice. They can be used in many dance styles, such as, Jazz, Hip-hop, Salsa etc. Some dance sneakers may look like regular tennis or sports sneakers but when you look closely, you’ll notice their unique features.

Jazz sneakers, such as Bloch Boost Split Sole Dance Sneakers, have a high arch to support the dancers as they turn. Another fantastic feature they have is the flat toe platform. This gives the dancers stability as they hinge on point.

Capezio Canvas Dance Sneaker is a timeless shoe and is lightweight, with high arch support and a great value all together. 

So Danca sneakers are also very good dance sneaker, with high arch support.

Jazz Boots

Jazz boots are lace up shoes and may have a high top. They are made of leather or canvas.

Many theatre performers also use jazz boots for a traditional look or dance plays.

Ready to dance?

You might be saying, hey all this is fine, but now I just want to get up and dance. How to do that?

Why not check out this article about basic jazz dance steps:

Where to buy Jazz Dance Shoes

So put on your dancing shoes, but wait, where to get jazz dance shoes?

Many online & retail dance stores such as sell jazz shoes made by some of the top brands including So Danca, Bloch Eurotard, and Capezio. Visit www.discountonlinedance.comto check out the various choices they offer. 

It is a great idea to always check with your dance teacher before you buy dance shoes, especially if you are a beginner. Sometimes, teachers also have a preference for a certain style of shoe. 

Also note that dance shoes should only be worn on dance floors, not out on the streets as rough surfaces can damage the shoes. Similarly street shoes should not be worn on dance floors as it can mark or spoil the dance floor.

If you need to dance on hard surface or outdoors jazz sneaker will work perfectly.

Next you may wonder, what to wear to your jazz dance class?

Jazz Pants, usually long & black were the go-to-choice of dancers until about 2015. Since then the Booty Shorts became the new trend. Black is the most popular color, but they are available in a rainbow of colors. Among girls, the two most in-demand styles are V-waist shorts and Straight waist booty shorts.

As for the tops, the female dancers have a wide choice of tops from tank tops, to sports bras, to all cuts and colors of tops imaginable. 

Men / boys still go for jazz pants or long shorts. 

Male dancers usually wear fitted T-shirts and tops.

Head back to and check out their vast selection of booty shorts and all kinds of jazz dance clothes for adults and kids.

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